New Shit. JAN/15

Happy 2015, my little dumplings. I have been a bear and hibernating for the winter, so look out for a lot more stuff coming soon. For now, here is a lot of logos for some reason.


ScienZe - Love is Love Tour

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this lovely and very talented artist, who makes wonderful music and will be sharing it with the country later this year. He asked me to design a logo for said tour, and I had so much fun doing it, because who doesn't love anything to do with love? Check him out -

I did this ages ago, so it's not really "news", but I don't care, so deal with it. I made this for my buddy Deejay Element. He stays crushing it!

This is a bit of an older logo, but I forgot if I ever posted it. I made this for a cafe in Brooklyn. Food is delish, believe me, they fed me everything on the menu til the fat kid in me could handle no more!