New Shit. MAR/15

This month's CakeNews is dedicated to pretty pictures, because... happiness. Yay :)
I was recently asked to be a part of a wonderful exhibition combining food, music and art - three of my all-time favourite things.  This event was brought to you by the good fellas over at "Trust x Calligraphy", and it was fun and delish, and my eyes and belly loved it.


I decided to focus on something I believe in, which is the environment and what us as ignorant humanoids are NOT doing to keep this beautiful world we live in, beautiful.


EcoThug 4 Life! [Acrylic and watercolour/acrylic on canvas]

Be kind to the Earth people. It IS your home after all.

I also recently made a little canvas for a very special person in my life. She happens to love bacon, koalas and Frida Kahlo, so I made her this picture  to say, "Hey... thanks for being awesome, you!"
You make my heart smile :)

<---  Also, said picture was recently featured on this awesome IG page dedicated to Frida Kahlo and run by none other than the Marketing director at
Def Jam Records. GASP!!!