New Shit. OCT/15

Happy Halloween, pumpkins! As I previously told, I lived that wonderful mermaid life for the last four months, but now back to the real world and life in the big smoke... So this is what's been going on the last while:


Maffew Ragazino - VIII Million Stories [Album Art]

My buddy and seasoned monster on the mic - Maffew Ragazino, recently hit me up about working on his latest project called "Eight Million Stories". He told me he wanted something "Dr Seuss"-esque or child-like that was almost like kids' doodles, sooooo I listened to his wonderful sounds and took snippets from all the lyrics, and below is the finished product. Feast your peepers, peeps!

Next up is my other buddy and wonderful, amazing human - King I Divine. He is a beast as a producer and I just love his whole face. One of the nicest people I have met in a long time (getting off topic now). I started working with him earlier this year on his "Crown Jewelz: Lost Jewelz" project. Unfortunately, after much life-goings-on, changes, deliberation and whatnot, this was never released, but we both decided it was still cool (and real fun to work on for me), so here it is:

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