New Shit. SEP/13

My dear friend Kimi is having a baby (!!), so I made her and her lovely husband - Viv, some invitations to their baby shower, some framed cards for games, and table signs for the party snacks.



Karambas - Logo Design


Karambas is a Kombi taco truck based in Lagoa Santa, Brazil. I recently made this ever-so-festive logo for them and they loved it. Who knew cacti are so damn fun!

Karambas will feed you delicious Mexican fare by the lake every single Sunday (if you live in Brazil).


Happy belly = Happy human.

Neon Moose - Logo Design


 New logo for "Neon Moose" - a great little company based in Australia who specialise in editing and copywriting (hmm... probably should've got them to copywrite this paragraph right hurrrrrrr).  

Website designed by yours truly coming soon. Stay tuned!

Karambas Logo